Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Reports Directly Within the Shop Boss SMS


Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Reports Directly Within the Shop Boss SMS



Digital Vehicle Inspections provide you with the ability to create high-impact multimedia inspections for your customer, including photos, videos, and technician comments explaining the need for the suggested repair work. BOSS Inspect takes that a step further with powerful integrations with Mitchell 1 ProDemand and MOTOR, making it easier to estimate labor times and parts pricing within the inspection. Shop Boss knows this tool is an integral part of both a well-run shop and a satisfying customer experience. That’s why we’ve made it part of our comprehensive shop management system!


Want to see BOSS Inspect in action? We would be happy to set you up with a free trial of Shop Boss! Shop Boss’s web-based design is convenient to use and has features to make every aspect of your business run smoother. We’re confident that you’ll love it. Give your customers the peace of mind they deserve with the BOSS Inspect DVI. Contact us today to get started!


After you have checked-in the customer’s vehicle, begin a Digital Vehicle Inspection using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or regular camera to take photos and videos of the work needed on the vehicle. Knowing exactly what and why the repair work needs to be done builds customer confidence. Once you have completed your Digital Vehicle Inspections, you can send it to the customer with one click. They will receive a link to our customer portal that allows them to view their vehicle information, each component’s status, and photos and videos. The Digital Vehicle Inspection is a great repair tracking software that allows the customer to monitor everything going on with their vehicle, and it keeps a record for your shop.


BOSS Inspect is the new Shop Boss-powered comprehensive digital vehicle inspection solution. With BOSS Inspect you’ll have the ability to create all-encompassing inspection reports including images, descriptions, and estimates, and send them straight to your customers.

Say John Smith is a new customer at your shop and tells you he needs to have his brake pads replaced. Your technician shakes his hand and takes his keys, and then John goes on his way. When inspecting the vehicle further, your technician notices the brake pads are indeed low, and that the rotors are dangerously warped. Knowing that John only requested brake pad replacement, your technician doesn’t want to surprise him with brake rotor repair, too, but knows that they will likely cause further damage if not repaired soon. BOSS Inspect from Shop Boss allows your technician to take photos of the damaged rotors, attach an explanation of the problem, and inform the vehicle owner why it is important to fix them. When John sees all of this information, he smiles and says, “thank you,” instead of being skeptical or argumentative.