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7 Ways Your Shop Management Software Drives Profitability

There’s no denying what Shop Management Software can do from a repair order (RO) standpoint, but have you ever considered how the right Shop Management System makes you more profitable?  

In our guide, 7 Ways Your Shop Management Software Drives Profitability, we look at some of the profit levers equipping today’s leading Shop Management Systems and how they drive the key performance indicators that matter most. In the process, you’ll learn the following: 

  • Industry benchmarks and calculations for Effective Labor Rate, Labor Hours Sold per RO, Tech Productivity, and Average Repair Order 
  • How to determine tech efficiency and why the calculation will confirm that B-level techs are more efficient than A-level techs 
  • The difference between parts markup and gross profit, and how to determine the necessary selling price to support your profit goals 
  • How a simple adjustment in your Shop Management System’s parts pricing matrix can add $6,000 more per month and $72,000 per year