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4 Years of RO Trend Data from 1,000 Shops

Shop Boss users recorded their highest Average Repair Order in 2022, even though RO counts sunk to their lowest levels since 2019.
That’s one of the findings from a new report from Shop Boss. Dubbed the Boss Book, this first edition of what will become an annual publication examines four years of aggregated data from 1,000 shops to reveal:

  • 2019-2022 Average Repair Order Climbs as DVI Usage Soars
  • Four-Year Surge in Average Dollars per RO and Parts Percentage Per RO
  • Effective Labor Rate and Gross Profit Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Levels
  • Text-to-Pay Usage Skyrockets + Repair Financing Big Lift on ARO
  • Tracking RO Counts Through the Pandemic + Future Outlook for Repair Shops

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