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Smart Search Integrated Auto Repair Labor Guide

See Labor Times, OEM Parts & Prices, and Full Diagnostic Information

Complete Repairs With Confidence

Technicians never stop learning. With the integrated Smart Search Auto Repair Labor Guide feature from Shop Boss, your technicians have reliable information and trusted resources at the tip of their fingertips so they can get jobs done right -- and fast. Use Shop Boss on any smart device to access labor time estimates for specific repairs, order OEM parts and prices, and full repair diagnostic information.


How It Works

Want to see repair procedures for a 2012 Nissan Altima? Open up our central shop management system to see procedures, pictures, and more. You can also add notes directly to the repair order straight from the application. With instant access to that kind of information, your technicians can get cars in and out of the service bays quickly, and get repairs done correctly for your customers.

Speed Up Service

Do you want to see your technicians working faster and getting more vehicles in and out of the service bays? We have solutions to help you accomplish that. Our integrated Smart Search Auto Repair Labor Guide includes detailed resources for repairs, trouble codes, and TSB information. This feature gives you the latest updates to keep your team on track. Give your mechanics the support they need to complete repairs quickly and adequately with labor time estimates, repair procedures, potential vehicle-related issues, new service protocols, and more.

Create Canned Jobs

Some automotive services are a step-by-step process of multiple repairs. With our integrated Smart Search Auto Repair Labor Guide feature, powered by MOTOR Information Systems, you can create Canned Jobs consisting of several parts and steps into a single action. Instead of updating orders independently, group parts and labor operations together that are commonly used in combination. Create a Canned Job with the typical parts and steps your shop uses during a tune-up, for example, and save time on new repair orders.

Deliver Quality Repairs

Automotive professionals must stay on top of industry updates to continue providing quality auto care. If you think that’s more easily said than done, you haven’t tried Shop Boss. We’ve designed our integrated features to help shops run more efficiently and equip them with the right tools to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Whether there’s a part defect or new service procedure, technicians need to be informed to carry out repairs and services properly for all makes and models.