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Contactless Mobile Payments Software

Give Customers the Power to Pay From Anywhere

Convenience & Communication

Convenience and communication are the keys to success in the auto repair industry today. If you want customers to keep coming back to you, you need to deliver quality service that makes their auto repairs easier! Shop Boss empowers you to do exactly that by offering your customers convenient features, including Paperless Auto Repair Invoicing, Contactless Mobile Payments, Two-Way Text Messaging, and a password-protected Customer Portal. Contactless Mobile Payments allows your customers to pay for their services from anywhere with a link sent to their phone or email. Our shop management software combines convenience and communication to set your shop up for success.

Shop Boss Allows Your Customers To

  1. Pay for auto repairs from the comfort of home -- or anywhere
  2. Sign in to an account with their active repairs and repair history
  3. View digital vehicle inspections from anywhere

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Contactless Mobile Payments by Shop Boss helps you save time and money with an integrated credit card processing software. Use this feature to capture e-signatures and improve your credit card processing rates. Our paperless option is EMV compliant and works with all payment options, including chipped cards, debit and swiped cards, and more. Improve your customer’s checkout experience and streamline how your business receives payments with 360 Payments. You can accept all major card brands and types with the 360 Payments integration and the repair order will be automatically marked as ‘paid.’ 360 Payments can also power text-to-pay solutions, sending your customers an SMS message with their invoice and allowing them to pay from their smartphone. For more information about integrated credit card processing, contact us today!

Try It For Free First

Paper invoices and in-person payment processing slows down your shop. Shop Boss can help you simultaneously move to paperless invoicing and improve your customer experience with our Contactless Mobile Payments software. Making the change to new technology can be intimidating, and we don’t want you to jump in without feeling completely confident. That’s why we offer a free 30-day trial of Shop Boss’s platinum package. Contact us today to get started!

Why You Need Contactless Payments

  1. Recover receivables faster
  2. Communicate via the customer’s preferred channels
  3. Integrated credit card processing
  4. Reduce office clutter
  5. Back-up records automatically
  6. Offer a safe-distance auto repair experience

Increase Customer Retention

There’s a way to collect payments from your customers without them even stepping foot into your shop. It’s Shop Boss’s Contactless Mobile Payments software, and it can help your shop increase customer retention and satisfaction. When you make auto repairs easier for your customers, they’ll be happy to return to your shop for their vehicle’s care. Eliminating the need to walk into a building to swipe a credit card is a small way to alleviate stress for customers. Even that little bit of time saved is time they have back in their day instead of waiting around at the auto shop. Offer your community the convenience and care they want with Contactless Mobile Payments from Shop Boss.