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Car Maintenance Lookup Tool

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Free Access to Maintenance Schedules

All Shop Boss accounts receive free access to factory recommended maintenance schedules with our Car Maintenance Lookup Tool. With the information provided in our car maintenance software, you can confidently keep your customer’s vehicles in top-performing condition and up-sell those maintenance jobs. You can also help your customers avoid denied warranty claims by performing their regularly scheduled maintenance according to the manufacturer standards, which are easily accessible for all makes and models in Shop Boss.

Upsell Your Maintenance Services

The ability to perform authentic, dealership-level service can win your shop more customers and money. By giving your team insight on factory recommended services, the Car Maintenance Lookup Tool empowers your shop to upsell maintenance services for specific makes or every kind of vehicle on the road. Running an auto repair shop is about more than keeping cars running safely. It’s also a business. Shop Boss is here to help your business thrive with easy management solutions like our car maintenance software.

Factory Maintenance Schedules at Your Fingertips

Being an auto mechanic requires skill and knowledge, but no one is expected to memorize the unique maintenance needs for every make and model on the road. That’s why there are tools like Shop Boss’s Car Maintenance Lookup Tool. We give mechanics immediate access to factory recommended maintenance schedules so they can correctly protect vehicle performance and get jobs done quickly. Shop Boss is web-based software and can be pulled up on any computer, phone, or tablet, so technicians can easily access the information they need about any make or model that rolls into your shop.

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Uphold Warranty Conditions

The key to successful warranty claims is upholding factory recommended maintenance. Be the key for your customers by offering guaranteed quality service for their specific vehicles. With the Car Maintenance Lookup Tool, you’ll have all the information needed to perform authentic service at the tip of your fingertips. Start using Shop Boss at your shop today for free access to maintenance schedules for all makes and models. With this tool, you can be a true dealership alternative in your community and help your customers avoid denied warranty claims.

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The Car Maintenance Lookup Tool is just one of Shop Boss’s many features that can increase customer satisfaction and retention. Savvy drivers know that quality service is key for their vehicle’s performance and warranty conditions. You can give them what they’re looking for with the smart software on our automotive shop management system. Shop Boss was designed by a former shop owner and integrates seamlessly to suit the needs of auto repair shops better than any managerial software out there. Try it for yourself free for 30-days and you’ll see what we mean!