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Tire Fitment & Ordering

Order Tires Online from Dozens of Distributors

The Easy Way to Order Tires

Shop Boss’s integrated Tire Fitment & Ordering software with PartsTech allows you to order tires online from dozens of national tire distributors in the US and Canada, including American Tire Distributors, TireHub, Bridgestone, TreadMaxx, Atlas Tire, and more. No more need to scroll through pages of inventory or flip through different catalogs to find parts or tires. With our specifically-designed auto repair shop management software, you can order tires from almost any vendor in the same interface where you order automotive parts and automatically send estimates and invoices to customers.

Give Fast, Accurate Quotes

What happens when a customer comes to you for new tires? If your process doesn’t give them a quote quickly or turn into a sale, you might want to rethink how you search for and order tires. Shop Boss has an ideal, intuitive, integrated solution for auto repair and tire repair shops. Our Tire Fitment & Ordering software integrated with PartsTech allows you to select from multiple suppliers and make the best decision for your customer’s individual needs based on the type of vehicle, tire brand, mileage rating, speed rating, and other key features. Since it works seamlessly with our managerial mechanic software, it can speed up and improve how you give tire quotes and provide service!

Easy to Use

Shop Boss was designed and created by a former shop owner who understands the ins-and-outs of running an auto repair business. To be effective in the shop, auto repair software has to be easy to use and integrate. We’ve made sure of that with our Tire Fitment & Ordering feature to ensure that it brings value and utility to our shop management system. This tool empowers automotive and tire shops to get jobs done more easily and quickly with only a few simple clicks. You can try it for yourself today with a free 30-day trial of Shop Boss!

How It Works

  1. Open an RO and PartsTech in Shop Boss
  2. Easily search for tires that fit the vehicle you’re working on by vehicle make, license plate, VIN, or tire size
  3. Filter results to shop by tire brand, mileage rating, speed rating, and more
  4. Complete purchase orders in one place for parts and tires
  5. Instantly add tires or parts to an estimate or auto repair invoice