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Live Internal Chat

Chat With Any Team Member Logged Into Shop Boss In Real Time

Since we allow you to have unlimited users logged into your program, we have added a live chat feature in our auto shop management software. This allows you to send instant messages from your service advisors to your technicians, or from the owner to the bookkeeper. Anyone logged into your Shop Boss account can send a message to anyone else logged into your Shop Boss account. This enables quick communication without picking up the phone or running across the shop.

Manage your auto shop when you are not physically there. We know that there are many other errands and tasks that must be taken care of outside of the shop to keep it running.

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The live-chat feature allows you to see the big picture of what’s going on in the shop. More importantly, you can answer quick questions and provide critical information on the fly without having to waste time. Leave memos and updates for your technicians after hours for them to access in the morning. A good communication network is key to efficiently managing customers. The faster information can travel back and forth, the higher chance of maintaining good customer satisfaction on every transaction.

We provide you with a modern auto shop software that maximizes efficiency.