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Safe-Distance Auto Repair Experience

We Keep You and Your Customers Safe

Overcoming Challenges Together

Shop Boss is committed to supporting auto repair shops through every existing and emerging challenge. Our software can help you move processes entirely online to create a safe-distance auto repair experience for your customers. You're looking out for your customers' health and need tools to facilitate an online repair experience with everything from repair orders to invoices. With our comprehensive software and powerful integrations, you can safely conduct business online to promote social distancing.

We partner with 360 Payments, Lyft, and AutoServe1 to create a customer experience flow that doesn't require them to step foot in your shop. They can get updates from a digital vehicle inspection on their phone, take a Lyft home while their car is in your care, and pay remotely.

Sign the Repair Estimate

If your business has operated by having customers come to the front desk to review their service recommendations, you've probably had to adapt during these times. Shop Boss offers the perfect tool that fits in with your management software and payment processing to allow customers to sign repair estimates remotely. Use our software to fill it out and send it to the customer's phone or email. They can approve the suggested repairs from wherever they are!

Sign and Pay the Invoice

Do you need customers standing in front of you to collect payment? Not anymore! Shop Boss's partnership with 360 Payments enables our shops to collect payment for auto repair invoices online. Your customers can complete the transaction remotely, so they don't have to step into your actual shop. They can do it from the parking lot or from the couch in their home, but either way, it can help encourage a socially distant experience.

View the Digital Vehicle Inspection

The hands-on approach to auto repairs that involves showing customers what's going on with their cars is a real value. Shops that use this open communication know that it can lead to more approved repairs since it builds trust and shows integrity. A digital vehicle inspection can achieve the same results while fostering a socially distant auto repair experience. Use it to virtually walk customers through their cars while they are outside the shop.