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Auto Repair Text Messaging Software

Your Customers Prefer Text Messages

Integrated Customer Communication

Designed by a former shop owner, Shop Boss works intuitively and integrates Auto Repair Text Messaging software to help you communicate with customers easily. Share updates, estimates, paperless invoices, and more with your customers from inside our shop management system to improve their experience and confidence. Nothing is more important to your shop's success than a clear channel of communication with your customers. Shop Boss helps your team start communicating more easily than ever with our integrated Auto Repair Text Messaging software.

Why You Need a Tool Like This

What's wrong with the old fashioned way of communicating? Picking up the phone and calling a vehicle owner to let them know their car is ready to be picked up is fine, but it might not be the most efficient way to get the job done. Today, more people prefer text messaging than traditional phone calls, so your customers might be happier to receive texts from your techs with status updates about their vehicles. Texting saves your team time by eliminating phone calls and getting customer response and approval quickly. Using an Auto Repair Text Messaging software fosters trust with your customer by giving them a window into the garage to understand what's going on with their vehicle.

Don’t Stop There

Auto Repair Text Messaging software is just one of the many features on Shop Boss that can improve your shop’s daily operations and the experience you provide your customers. Our auto repair shop management software also has a Customer Portal allowing vehicle owners to log in to a password-protected view of their vehicle repair history. You can also give your customers a visual update with a Digital Vehicle Inspection. Contact us to learn more about the full range of features available on Shop Boss!