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Shop Boss Easy VIN

Scan a VIN with a Smartphone or Tablet

Automate with VIN Explosion

As a comprehensive shop management software, Shop Boss has a built-in vehicle identification number scanner. You scan the VIN, and the vehicle and customer information will pull up instantly with VIN Explosion. No additional input needed.

Turn Your Phone Into a Scanner

The Easy VIN scanner can be used on a smartphone or tablet to read a vehicle identification number. This turns your device into a productive tool for your business. Once the VIN is read, Shop Boss’s VIN Explosion will instantly pull up vehicle and customer information. The power is all in your hands.

Save Time

Automatic VIN input with the Shop Boss Easy VIN scanner saves your time, your technician’s time, and your customer’s time. It makes everything easier. That matters when your business is focused on repairing as many vehicles as quickly as possible. Shop Boss helps you improve efficiency with the things your team does every day.

Stop Making Mistakes

You can blame it on the tiny keyboard or fat fingers, but either way, making mistakes while entering a VIN is beyond frustrating. Skip individual number input by scanning a car’s VIN. Relevant vehicle information, including make and model, will automatically populate through VIN Explosion on your device. The right tools can prevent errors and inefficiencies.

Reduce User Input

Good shop management software does the heavy-lifting for you. With Shop Boss Easy VIN, you don’t have to get bogged down by clicking around for customer details, or worse, shuffling through file cabinets looking for a customer’s repair history. Everything you need to know pops up on the page after scanning.

Add New Customers

If the customer is not on file when a VIN is scanned, the vehicle information, including make and model, will be decoded with space to input the new customer’s information and then sent to our Customer Portal. That’s just one of the ways Shop Boss’s intuitive design makes life easier for auto repair shops.

Improve Maintenance History Reports

Vehicle owners are counting on you to do the job right. When it comes to providing maintenance, it’s on the shop to keep track and record a vehicle’s service history. Shift the burden of searching and record-keeping to Shop Boss. Our VIN scanner makes it easy to access information quickly.

Supported Devices

While Shop Boss is compatible with all smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the Shop Boss Easy VIN scanner may not work on all devices. Find out if your device is supported or contact us for more information.