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Shop Boss is a complete web-based software designed for the auto repair shop owner to manage customers, estimates, invoices, vehicles, parts inventory and all the standard features required by auto repair shops to efficiently manage their business. Shop Boss goes the extra mile with unique features not found in any other Shop Management Software. Try Shop Boss today.

Shop Boss's Exclusive Features

  • Because we are a web-based software you can login to your account anywhere and on any device including your smart phone
  • Shop Boss allows each account to have unlimited users including technicians, advisors, managers, any one! No extra charges.
  • Technicians can enter the “story”. Saves information instantly for advisors or managers.

Customers can login to our Portal and check the status of their repair

With our sister site,, Shop Boss is the only Shop Management Software that will allow you to provide your customers with a password that will allow them to view active repairs, approve them and view repair history, all from their home or office. No company information is available, only their vehicles and the repairs performed. Increase “customer stickyness” by offering them service that only a Shop Boss shop can offer!

Fully integrated Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI). This enables you to take pictures and even fully motion videos of the work the vehicle needs. After you email a link to your customer, they will be able to view a beautiful, multimedia presentation of the repairs needed. This will build customer confidence and increase sales.

We offer the ability to integrate appointment scheduling and vehicle status lookups right on your website! Add a few simple lines of html code to your website and keep your customers coming back!