Order, Estimate, & Invoice In One Place


Order, Estimate, & Invoice In One Place



Shop Boss enables parts ordering directly from our auto repair shop management system — no need to call your local parts supplier to ask if they have a part or if they can send it over. You don’t need to scroll or flip through a catalog to find the exact part you need. Using our integrated Parts Ordering feature, you can see exactly how many of each part local suppliers and distributors have in stock and request it to be sent to you.


Eliminating tedious phone calls and inventory searching saves time in the office and gets cars in and out of your service bays faster! The Parts Ordering feature also synchronizes with our auto repair invoice portal for effortless workflow, adding parts to the invoice automatically and freeing you and your team up for the important tasks at hand.


Shop Boss puts auto repair labor times and parts pricing at your fingertips. Need to know how long it will take to replace the cruise control module on a 2001 BMW 320i? It’s in there. You can transfer the parts and labor information directly to your open repair order. Shop Boss saves you time and helps you estimate time and pricing with total accuracy. It’s always nice to save time and hassle on your end, but it’s especially great to give your customers answers before they can even ask questions. Provide vehicle owners with time and pricing estimates upfront using the Shop Boss Estimating Guide.


You want your customers to be more than happy with their experience at your shop — you want them to be outright impressed. The best way to do that is to give them everything they need before they can even ask for it! The integrated Parts Ordering feature on Shop Boss is the intuitive tool shops need to take the initiative and impress their customers. Use it to find and order parts quickly or verify tire fitment, so you can accept repair jobs and get vehicles back on the road. Add parts and labor estimates to the repair order for clear communication between customers and technicians. Give customers an accurate cost estimate upfront, and wow them with the integrity of your service. Shop Boss can improve the experience you give customers at your shop!


Are you still spending time searching and calling for parts, then writing new repair orders and invoices? Automate all of it with Shop Boss!