• 4 Ways to Improve Communication In Your Shop Inefficient communication is a big problem for many of today’s auto repair shops. Too much time is spent on the phones with suppliers searching for parts or discussing the status of service and repairs with customers. More time is wasted walking back and forth from the front of the shop to the
  • The Top 5 Software Features Your Auto Repair Shop Needs To Land The Best Service Techs Today’s top service techs understand the value of technology. They were trained on it, they’ve embraced it, and they expect your auto repair shop to be up-to-date using modern tech in the shop. Naturally, the best piece of tech your auto repair shop can
  • 3 Myths About Independent Auto Repair Shops vs. Dealerships (+ How They Can Save You Money) A common misconception when it comes to auto repairs is that the dealership is always the better choice. There is a long-held belief that independent repair shops aren’t trustworthy, don’t have access to the same parts, can’t keep up with car technology, and are
  • Looking to Grow Revenue in 2022? Apply These 5 Tactics   Any good business keeps an eye on its competition, especially in an industry as fiercely competitive as auto repair. When you notice a good strategy in action, it behooves you to put your own personal spin on it to make it work for your shop. That’s what we’re here
  • Technician-turned-shop-owner Kurt Kennedy doesn’t consider himself a techie, but he says shops not taking advantage of these critical innovations need to schedule demos today. Kurt Kennedy was shocked. Over a two-month period, the average time it took his clients to open a text sent through his Shop Boss shop management system and click on the link to view their vehicle’s
  • 5 Reasons Why You’re Paying Too Much for Digital Vehicle Inspections   By now you know that you need to offer digital vehicle inspections to keep your customers happy. DVIs offer enhanced convenience, transparency, and help you run a more efficient shop. What Is A Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)? Digital vehicle inspections, or DVIs, allow your auto repair shop to
  • 6 Emerging Trends That Are Changing The Auto Repair Game Auto shop owners, auto technicians, and anyone else involved in the auto repair industry can allow some optimism to shine. Many car owners let nonessential preventative repairs slip into the rearview, but the good news is that demand for these services should increase in 2021 and beyond. Spring is here,
  • 5 Ways Your Auto Shop Should Be Using Text Message Marketing Gone are the days of picking up the phone and making a call. Now, all you hear is “just text me.” And guess what? Your auto repair customers feel the same way. They want you to text them. SMS messaging provides an incredibly convenient and easy way to communicate
  • Shop Boss Partners with Mitchell 1 ProDemand Shop Boss, the leading shop management solution for independent auto repair shops, today announced a new integration with popular automotive data provider Mitchell 1 ProDemand, allowing shop owners to efficiently manage the repair process seamlessly within the Shop Boss cloud-based application. Delivering complete OEM repair, estimating and maintenance information, along with exclusive real-world