Save Space, Time, & Money


Save Space, Time, & Money



With the Go-Paperless option from Shop Boss, you can capture and attach customer signatures to repair orders, email the repair order or invoice to a smart device, save and upload any supporting documentation, and eliminate unnecessary filing cabinet space. Everything stays accessible on the web-based system and backs-up automatically throughout the day to keep your files safe. Our Auto Repair Invoice software allows you to give and get information and payment from your customers faster. Digital estimating and invoicing keeps your business’s important work in a safe, central place, linked to customer and vehicle information. With the automotive invoice software on Shop Boss, auto repair shops can keep records of past invoices with customers signatures and easily look them up instead of digging through boxes of paper invoices. These integrations empower your shop to work through repair orders smoothly and quickly. If you have questions about going paperless and adopting Auto Repair Invoice software, contact us today!


Want to improve your checkout experience and streamline how you take payments? We recommend our integrated credit card processing feature through our partners at 360 Payments. With the 360 Payments integration, you can accept all major card brands and types with signatures that print directly on the repair order. The repair order is even marked as paid automatically. We also offer remote payments through Text-to-Pay: simply send your customer a text message with their invoice and let them pay from their smartphone when it’s convenient for them. This eliminates long lines at your checkout counter while increasing customer satisfaction.

Using the Shop Boss Go-Paperless option can help you save time and money. We recommend our integrated credit card processing, which captures e-signatures, condenses credit card processing with better rates, and is EMV compliant. You can use chipped cards, debit and swiped cards, ApplePay, AndroidPay, SamsungPay, and any other type of card on the terminal. If switching credit card processors is not an option, you can still start capturing e-signatures. We recommend an e-signature pad from Computime. Be sure to explore more about how you can save on credit card processing and integrate EMV payments with Shop Boss.


  1. Reduce and eliminate office clutter
  2. Capture and save copies of signed estimates and invoices
  3. Lookup signed invoice records quickly
  4. Access documents from anywhere easily
  5. Attach photos, documents, vendor receipts, and more
  6. Recover receivables faster
  7. Back-up records automatically


Paper estimates, invoices, and repair orders slow down and clutter your shop. Shop Boss can help you go paperless and make life easier on your team and customers. We know that going paperless can be intimidating for some. You don’t have to take the plunge without knowing what you’re getting into. Contact us today with questions about Auto Repair Invoice software or start a free trial of our automotive shop management system to get a feel for it yourself. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll be eager to get on board with smart time-saving digital solutions. Your customers will also appreciate having an easy way to complete and track payments for their auto repairs!