Shop Boss uses FREE two-way texting to enable effective communication between shops and customers.

3 Tips to Maximizing Two-Way Texting

1. Build Upon Customer Trust

Texting has grown to become one of the most widely-used communiucation mediums in customer service. Every text sent to a customer helps establish trust in the relationship and enhanced communication proves that your shop is responsive. Shop Boss will set your shop up with a free text message phone number, separate from your main number, so that you can accurately track message communication volume and advertise as you see fit. Tie Messaging to Active ROs

2. Tie Messaging to Active ROs

Shop Boss will automatically link text message communication with active customer ROs within the system. This way, your service advisors and techs will not waste time trying to reconcile messages in the system, and they can concentrate on the repair in progress.

3. All System Integration

The power of a true integrated system is its communication. Shop Boss does not charge additionally for text messaging or your shop’ text phone number. The service can also be linked with Text to Pay from 360 Pyments to offer contactless payments for customer convenience.