New Business Intelligence Dashboard by Shop Boss

Measure Your Shop’s Success with Completely Customizable Reporting

Shop Boss, the leading shop management solution for independent auto repair shops, today announced the launch of BOSS Board, a new business intelligence dashboard designed to give data-driven shop owners access to real-time metrics and reporting in a customizable interface. 

BOSS Board’s clean, simple design provides a visually appealing way for shop managers to harness the powerful analytics and reporting tools that can assess shop performance to boost efficiency and profitability. The innovative dashboard continuously updates so shop owners can measure their success and spot opportunities for growth within minutes and on any device they choose to use.

“Customers told us they want an easy, intuitive way to understand how their business is doing without sifting through metrics they don’t care about or spending lots of time pulling reports,” said Chris Boshaw, Shop Boss CEO & Founder. “We listened and responded with BOSS Board, which will revolutionize shop management with industry-leading reporting and analytics capabilities.”

BOSS Board boasts a wide variety of game-changing new features, including:

  • Totally customizable organization and reporting that allows managers to focus on the metrics that matter to them;
  • An attractive, easy-to-use interface with eye-popping charts and graphs;
  • Robust capabilities for creating both detailed and summary reports for high-level or deep-dive metrics; and
  • The ability to make adjustments on the fly with real-time monitoring that can be checked at any time throughout the day – it doesn’t even need a refresh!

 Boshaw added: “Shop Boss has always helped busy shop owners leverage technology to enhance their business, and BOSS Board may just be our slickest innovation yet. We’re proud to lead the way in developing all the tech tools needed to keep the auto repair industry humming.”