Check out how just a few of our shops are using Shop Boss to make their businesses more profitable and efficient.

Iron Mike’s Automotive
Michael Hudgens discusses how customer transparency features like Shop Boss’ Carfax integration and BOSS Inspect DVI help Iron Mike’s Automotive capture and retain customers in his highly competitive market.
Brandell Diesel
A short video featuring another member of our family of shops, this focuses on Brandell Diesel, in Calgary, Alberta. These are terrific people who keep Canada’s big rigs moving.
Posey’s Auto Repair
Spotlight on Posey’s Service in Benton, Arkansas. Honest, down-home auto service using today’s technology to give their customers the best service.
Jimmy Boquet’s Automotive
A Shop Boss customer since 2019, Christa Boquet says BOSS Inspect’s media-recording features demonstrate how important customer trust is for her Jimmy Boquet’s Automotive.