5 Reasons Why You’re Paying Too Much for Digital Vehicle Inspections


By now you know that you need to offer digital vehicle inspections to keep your customers happy. DVIs offer enhanced convenience, transparency, and help you run a more efficient shop.

What Is A Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?

Digital vehicle inspections, or DVIs, allow your auto repair shop to create high-impact multimedia inspections for your customer. These inspections include photos, videos, and comments from your technician comments that explain to the customer why the suggested repairs are needed. the need for the suggested repair work. A DVI is an integral tool in a well-run, modern auto repair shop and helps to provide a satisfying customer experience. 

But no DVI or auto shop management software is created equal. So how do you know you’re getting the right bang for your buck when it comes to your digital vehicle inspection software? 

Let’s take a look. 

1. It Costs Too Much

Seems obvious on a list like this one, right?

But when it comes to your DVI, patience is the key. 

You may not experience profit margins from implementing your DVI right away, but once you and your team get the hang of it, you’ll run a more efficient shop that can bring more cars into bays. The added transparency provided by a DVI also makes it more likely that customers will approve suggested repairs. Seeing is believing, after all.

2. It’s Too Difficult For Auto Techs To Learn

We’re not ruffling any feathers when we say that auto workers are not the most technologically advanced bunch. Many would agree we’re also not the most welcome to change.

So when a digital vehicle inspection replaces the way your auto techs have done inspections for years — some even decades — it might not get the best reaction. But if your staff can practice patience to learn the new inspection tool, they’ll likely admit that it’s much easier than the traditional inspection and a more efficient way to do business. Your customers will agree.

It may take a week, two, or even up to a month, but once your techs and service advisors get used to it and are all on the same page, you’ll see improvements quickly. If not, you’ll likely be lapped by your competition as they adopt the new technology.

3. It’s Not Easy To Use

Going along with the above learning curve, you may find that your DVI software simply isn’t easy to use. That means you’ve simply chosen a bad model just how sometimes your car turns out to be a lemon. 

But a DVI tool doesn’t save you money if it doesn’t save you time, so if your team can’t seem to get the hang of it, it might be a poorly-designed tool that’s the problem. Give ShopBoss a try if so!

4. Your Customers Don’t Love It

Of course, the biggest reason to implement a digital vehicle inspection tool is that your customers want it! The added convenience and transparency provided by a DVI show your customers that you are trustworthy and legitimate. 

As you know, trust is everything in the auto repair business, and when your customers can see why you’ve suggested a repair (thanks to photos provided in the DVI), they’ll be more likely to believe it versus just taking your word. 

But if you find that your customers don’t enjoy the DVI tool because it’s either not working properly, not easy to use, or doesn’t do what it promises to do, once again, you’ve likely chosen a poorly-designed tool.

5. How Will A DVI Help My Auto Repair Shop?

Too often, customers ignore suggested repairs because they don’t understand that staying ahead of problems is what prevents them from happening down the road. It’s the job of your auto techs to show customers that their suggestions are legitimate and will keep their car safe instead of risk further damage. 

With a DVI, your team can easily show customers exactly what is wrong with their vehicle thanks to the clear images and video provided in the inspection. The customer will see what is wrong with their vehicle through the eyes of your technician. 

When the customer can see and clearly understand what is wrong with their vehicle and why a repair is necessary to prevent a bigger problem, they will be more open to approving the extra work. This gives them added peace of mind on the road and trust that they were right in giving you their business. 

Safety is always the priority for both you and your customers, especially those with families to look out for. Your auto repair shop should take pride in keeping your customers and their families safe, and a DVI provides the best option to do just that.


As you can see, a digital vehicle inspection tool can be a vital component of your auto repair shop, but only if it’s easy for your techs to learn and use, your customers enjoy the added transparency and convenience, and it is cost-effective.