Auto Repair Software Specifically Designed for Your Customers


Auto Repair Software Specifically Designed for Your Customers


Without vehicle owners, auto repair shops have nothing, so it makes sense that our industry is rooted in hospitality and service. Shop Boss helps auto repair shops care for their customers better and more easily than ever before because our software doesn’t only focus on the shop itself. Our Customer Portal opens up communication between the shop and customer, allowing for transparent and confidential information sharing. Shop Boss is the only shop management software that gives customers a password-protected view of their digital vehicle inspections and repair history and the ability to approve repairs remotely. With the Customer Portal offered in Shop Boss’s managerial software, you can start communicating easily with your customers.


Auto repair shops are always looking for ways to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. That’s why Shop Boss created our Customer Portal! When you win over a vehicle owner, you could become their preferred repair and service provider for life! The Customer Portal gives shops a means to communicate easily with their customers and foster strong relationships for improved customer retention and satisfaction.


For too long, the auto repair industry has been met with skepticism by the consumer. The key to changing that reputation is clear communication. Meet your customers upfront with transparency and honesty. The Customer Portal brings customers into your shop in a way they may have never experienced before. No one wants to be left in the dark when it comes to something as important as their vehicle’s health!


Few vehicle owners have a great understanding of how their car works. They just know that it turns on when they turn a key and accelerates when they press a pedal. When it comes to repairs, lack of knowledge can undermine confidence and security. The Customer Portal allows you to communicate what’s going on with a vehicle and request approval before service so the driver can feel included and informed.


Chasing down customers on the phone to update them about their vehicles and get approval for repairs can be a pain, and it slows down your shop’s operations. With Shop Boss, you can text your customers instant updates about their vehicle’s active repairs, and they can give their approval, helping your team move through services quickly and efficiently. Vehicle owners will appreciate the ability to give input from home, the office, or anywhere!


When a customer decides it’s time for service, the Customer Portal makes it easy for them to schedule an appointment at your shop without picking up a phone to call or going to your website. They can log in to their account and book an appointment for themself at a time that’s convenient for them. Shop Boss then sends you a notification telling you when and why they are bringing their vehicle in.