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Add Shop Boss’s automotive repair software to your toolbelt to expand and grow your auto repair business. We’ve done the hard work ahead of time, paying attention to the details in our software design to make sure it can handle high volume and usage. It’s powerful enough to run for your franchise without requiring installation or download. Shop Boss is entirely web-based, so all you need is a browser to access company-wide information from anywhere. Managing multiple locations has never been easier! Talk to us today to learn more about our rock-solid shop management system that can work across your entire company.

Flexible & Versatile

Integrations with the majority of key databases and resources in the automotive industry is what makes Shop Boss the premier choice of shop management software among franchises. Our flexible and versatile system works with Epicor, MOTOR, Carfax, and dozens of other powerhouses in your industry. That means the way our tool functions will make every easier on your team, even if preferences are different at multiple different locations. If you have specific requirements for parts and labor, our tool can still adapt and integrate seamlessly. Let us know what you’re looking for from your shop management software. We love pushing the envelope.