It’s Time to Turbocharge Your Payments

Shop Boss has partnered with 360 Payments to offer the highest levels of integration and service to our shops. With 360 Payments, your payments, invoices, & billing are one, making you safer & more efficient while helping you make money! Plus, 360 backs it all up with top-notch customer service – you’re more than just a number to them!

  • Reduces errors due to fat fingering financial information
  • No PCI compliance headaches
  • Includes remote payments capabilities like Text-to-Pay

How it works

Steve Sturken

Sturken Automotive

“Before BOSS Pay, I was getting ripped off. When I met with my BOSS Pay rep, he thoroughly explained the differences [between BOSS Pay and the competition] and what to look for in a credit card processor.”

Our Consumer Financing Portal Includes

  • Seamless integration into the software you already love
  • Integrated Consumer Financing Applications and Funding
  • Qualify for cash advances with card processing volume.
  • No contracts – their customers stay because they want to
  • No junk fees – not now, not ever
  • Text-to-Pay – let your customers pay from their phones