Shop Boss can be integrated with RingCentral to provide alerts to the shop about caller information.

3 Tips to Utilizing RingCentral in Your Shop

RingCentral Activation 

Many shops have started utilizing soft-phone systems, and RingCentral appears to be  the market leader. While telephony software is their base, they have many add-on  features, including video conferences, and webinar platforms. RingCentral has created  an open API for integration with existing SMS systems, including Shop Boss. The  information and points below are only applicable for shops using RingCentral as a  phone system. 

Launch Shop Boss Application 

When a call comes into the shop, RingCentral will automatically read the incoming  caller ID and launch a Shop Boss URL with the caller ID phone number and customer  information. 

Detailed Information 

Once the application is launched, the detailed information includes customer name,  phone number, email address, and vehicle information. Shops will also be able to view  pending appointments and open ROs.