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View Business Health in One, Easy Dashboard

The Boss Board from Shop Boss gives you the ability to quickly get an overview of your shop’s business health without taking any extra time out of your day. Get a readily accessible, easy-to-understand snapshot of your business’ progress and performance. Your high performance, customizable dashboard is unique to your shop and displays and tracks the KPIs that you choose. Instead of spending shop hours digging deep into your data, BOSS Board provides you real time insights anytime you need it. Build your dashboard to get started, and access it at your convenience from your tablet, desktop, or mobile device.

Beautiful Visualization

Shop Boss empowers your team to get real, actionable insights from visually pleasing, easy-to-understand graphs and charts. BOSS board is interactive and gives you the creative ability to build dashboards to your exact specifications. Utilize pie charts, graphs, and other visualization tools to help you and your team understand your shop’s ongoing performance. Custom layouts, colors, and naming conventions allow you to paint an ongoing picture of your shop’s overall business health.

Easy Customization

Data reporting tools should not be one size fits all, and BOSS Board was built with that in mind. Get the most out of your data reporting by building boards tied directly to the KPIs most important to you. Drag and drop features empower you to build custom reports with no coding experience needed. Create and combine data sources, add filters, and select specific time frames to view exactly what you need. Utilize the BOSS Board’s easy customization to build dashboards unique to your shop and reporting needs.

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Real-Time Data

Be aware of trends in your shop's performance as they are happening. Your dashboard visualization automatically updates to always show the latest available data, so you never have to worry about stale or outdated data. Better yet, access your data from anywhere at any time with your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Easily track daily and even hourly performance trends to stay on top of your wins and losses to quickly make decisions for your shop.

Deeper Insights

Dig as deeply as you need to fully understand your shop’s performance. Without needing to know how to program, BOSS Board gives you the ability to drag specific charts and graphs into your custom dashboard, so you can dedicate your time to making quicker, more educated business decisions. Quickly view 30+ data points about your shop, compare to past performance, and get accuracy at-a-glance.

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