Web-Based Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Shop Boss is a web-based shop management software that delivers the best value, technology, and utility at a price to fit any budget. Designed by a former shop owner, Shop Boss has smart integrations and features that help you manage your shop more easily and efficiently.


Good software should be easy to use without a ridiculous price tag. That’s exactly what Chris Boshaw had in mind twenty years ago while he was part-owner of an auto repair shop. Few shop management software programs covered his shop’s needs for an affordable price. Realizing that countless other shops also needed a better solution, Chris decided to use his computer programming experience to develop a new auto mechanic software. Over the years, Shop Boss has added the features auto repair shops and shop owners need most to become a catch-all, integrated managerial mechanic solution.


Before Shop Boss, few shop management programs were realistically available for independent automotive repair businesses. They were too expensive or too inefficient. Our auto mechanic software incorporates useful features, like a place to record and search customer repair history and to connect with suppliers, while keeping the shop environment in mind. The web-based design helps shops go paperless and allows unlimited users to log in. It also has a customer portal that shows repair progress. Shops don’t have to choose between a high price tag or a difficult-to-use software when searching for the right solution for them. Shop Boss has all of these features — and more — in an easy to use, affordable, cloud-based design. Our system is available and affordable for single-location, multi-location, and franchise shops anywhere in the US.

Shop Boss’s automotive software was designed with the flexibility to be used in almost any market. From the small one-owner repair shops to large franchises, and even into motorsports and heavy duty trucking industries. Shop Boss is a flexible program allowing shops to customize the information to work best for their type of shop. So whether you opened an auto repair shop last week, or have been running a fleet management company for 30 years, Shop Boss is here to support you and to make your lives just a little easier.


We understand that larger automotive repair franchises and single-shop locations both have different sets of needs. This is why Shop Boss’ automotive software is highly customizable to meet those specific needs in which your auto repair company demands. We are always adding on new features and making the overall platform as a whole increasingly more versatile as the auto repair industry evolves. Ask us today about adding custom features to your Shop Boss platform. Do you like our repair software straight out-of-the-box? That’s great too!


Shop Boss supported a New Solar Project for our Local VFW Post 7907

We Received a beautiful handmade plaque. What a great bunch of people!

Shop Boss also supports CRU, a missionary outreach to campuses and countries around the world.