Shop Boss Partners with Mitchell 1 ProDemand

Shop Boss, the leading shop management solution for independent auto repair shops, today announced a new integration with popular automotive data provider Mitchell 1 ProDemand, allowing shop owners to efficiently manage the repair process seamlessly within the Shop Boss cloud-based application.

Delivering complete OEM repair, estimating and maintenance information, along with exclusive real-world knowledge in a single lookup, this powerful partnership enables auto technicians to repair vehicles more accurately and efficiently. The new feature offers shop owners a streamlined labor and parts estimator within the Shop Boss shop management system that speeds up the repair process.

“We’re excited to offer a cloud-based solution to busy shop owners who want to modernize their shop but keep their tech data intact,” said Chris Boshaw, Shop Boss CEO and founder. “Our ProDemand integration makes it easier to estimate labor times and parts pricing so they can grow their business and provide a better customer experience.”

In addition to time-saving benefits, shop owners will enjoy new features, including:

  • A streamlined lookup function to speed repair estimate creation;
  • Access to ProDemand database and OEM specifications;
  • Scheduled maintenance information and checklists; and
  • Trusted ProDemand diagnostics and guidance

Boshaw added: “The integration with Mitchell 1 is a great complement to all the other features Shop Boss is known for. Everything we do is geared to providing shops the intelligence they need in an intuitive, efficient interface to make their lives easier and keep business humming. That commitment makes Shop Boss the premier shop management solution in the industry today.”