What is Digital Vehicle Inspection Software?

In today’s technology-driven world, digital vehicle inspection software has become essential for automotive service providers and vehicle owners. This software allows for a comprehensive and efficient inspection of vehicles, ensuring safety and reliability. If you’ve been wondering “What is digital vehicle inspection?” we’ve got you covered.

Defining Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital vehicle inspection software is designed to create trust and transparency for customers regarding the multipoint inspection process, transforming a technician’s findings into a digital buying experience featuring clear explanations and video and images of needed repairs.

Importance of Digital Vehicle Inspections

For automotive repair shops to make more money, they first need cars. Then, they need to inspect 100% of those cars before estimating and presenting 100% of the work they’re recommending based on those inspections. For shop owners, digital vehicle inspection software backed by good reporting ensures three of those four items happen 100% of the time. For advisors and technicians, digital vehicle inspection software allows them to uphold their professional responsibility, which is to provide customers with an accurate description of their vehicle’s condition.

Understanding the Basics of Digital Vehicle Inspections

At the core of digital vehicle inspections is a robust software solution accessed via a mobile device. The software aids in visually tracking a vehicle’s fit and roadworthiness, highlighting needed repairs or potential issues with the vehicle. It dynamically generates vehicle inspection checklists, capturing images and notes to accurately document both existing damage and needed repairs.

User Manual for Digital Vehicle Inspections

At its core, digital vehicle inspection software is a digital checklist of vehicle components you want your technicians to inspect. They could be wear-and-tear items you want your technicians to check based on mileage, local road conditions, or the factory maintenance schedule. Your digital checklist can also help your shop achieve profit goals by directing technicians to inspect components that require high-margin services. Think alignments and brake flushes. Ultimately, however, you want digital inspection software that’s easy for your technicians to use, offers templated descriptions of needed repairs, allows technicians to record video or take images of needed repairs, and can work on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones.

How Digital Vehicle Inspection Tools Work

Again, at its core, digital vehicle inspection software is simply a digital checklist of vehicle components you want your technicians to inspect on every vehicle that enters the service bay. However, a second component of these software solutions is that they transform a technician’s service recommendations into a digital buying experience for car owners. The right tool will allow advisors to text customers a link that reveals the technician’s findings and supporting videos and images. It will then digitally alert your service advisors and technicians when the customer approves (or declines) those service recommendations. The beauty of that texting capability is your advisors don’t have to chase customers for approvals through phone calls. Oftentimes, approvals will be received while the vehicle is still on lift, which helps with service throughput and technician efficiency.

Key Features of Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

The digital vehicle inspection software holds several powerful features, such as digitized inspection checklists, image and video capture capabilities, the ability for technicians to quickly pull up a vehicle’s maintenance history or past inspections, and the ability to share reports digitally with customers. There’s also a communications element to these solutions, as digital inspection software that alerts the team of completed inspections or received customer approvals helps drive repair shop efficiency.

Safety Features Checked in Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital vehicle inspections thoroughly examine every safety feature in a vehicle. From tires, brakes, and engines to the mechanical and functional aspects, everything gets scrutinized.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS features are increasingly common in modern vehicles. A comprehensive digital vehicle inspection will include a thorough check of these systems and their sensors to ensure they’re operational and safe.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System

Another vital safety feature checked during digital vehicle inspections is the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. This system is paramount to vehicle safety, particularly in challenging driving conditions.

The Benefits and Challenges of Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital vehicle inspection comes with a lot of benefits for both vehicle owners and repair shops. However, there are also challenges and costs that need to be considered when implementing digital vehicle inspection software.

Benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspection: Insurance Claims and Routine Maintenance

Digital vehicle inspections provide a clear, thorough, and traceable record of a vehicle’s health. This can significantly aid in insurance claims, reducing disputes about damage. Additionally, routine maintenance becomes a hassle-free task with the aid of digital vehicle inspections.

Consumer Protection and Cost Issues

Transitioning to a digital system from a manual one incurs costs. While the investment in digital vehicle inspection software can seem steep, the long-term impact on efficiency, accuracy, and service sales often makes it a profitable decision. However, consumer protection issues can arise if the digital systems are misused to misguide vehicle owners about necessary repairs.