3 Myths About Independent Auto Repair Shops vs. Dealerships (+ How They Can Save You Money)

A common misconception when it comes to auto repairs is that the dealership is always the better choice. There is a long-held belief that independent repair shops aren’t trustworthy, don’t have access to the same parts, can’t keep up with car technology, and are more expensive to boot.

Well, guess what? We’re here to tell you that none of this is true. Let’s get right into busting a few myths about independent repair shops and show you how they can actually save you money over returning to the dealership time and time again.

Myth #1: Independent Repair Shops Won’t Do Repairs As Well Because They Don’t Use The Right Parts

Although dealerships are often more expensive than aftermarket shops, many consumers trust dealerships more to repair their vehicles. After all — the dealership made the car, so they should know best how to fix them, right?

While it’s hard to argue with that logic, it’s not quite accurate.

Aftermarket shops have access to all of the same OEM parts and manuals that dealerships do. Service techs are well-trained and up-to-date on the latest car technology utilized in our modern driveable smart devices. Speaking of which…

Myth #2: Dealerships Are More Modern And Better Equipped To Handle Your Car’s Technology

Car dealerships are viewed as more modern and better equipped for today’s computers on wheels. 

This also is not accurate. After market techs can and do learn about the latest in automotive technology and stay just as current on their skills. They know how to fix modern cars just as well as service techs at the dealership. Up-to-date independent repair shops have the latest VIN scanners and digital vehicle inspection software and more to make every step of the process smooth, from scheduling an appointment to picking up your car.

Myth #3: The Dealership Is Still Cheaper For Repairs Even After Your Warranty Expires

A big NOPE! here. 

Many consumers will start off at the dealership for warranty work and then continue to return even after the warranty expires. We get it, it’s easiest to just go where you’ve always gone and there’s comfort in that, but you could be spending way more than you need to. And when you factor in the reasons above, you don’t need to.

It pays to shop around — sometimes literally! Consumers who go back to the dealership again and again just because it’s familiar are missing out. Independent auto repair shops are often easier and less expensive to deal with.

They could add money in your pocket and convenience to your life. 


Of course, the best independent repair shops to deal with are those that use automotive shop management software. These tools enable repair shops to provide top-notch service and keep up with today’s rapidly advancing car technology. Sign up for a demo today to get started!