4 Ways to Improve Communication In Your Shop

Inefficient communication is a big problem for many of today’s auto repair shops.

Too much time is spent on the phones with suppliers searching for parts or discussing the status of service and repairs with customers. More time is wasted walking back and forth from the front of the shop to the bays to talk with your auto techs or searching your shelves for parts.

All of that time adds up and is a hallmark of an inefficient, outdated auto repair shop.

There’s got to be a better way, right?

We’re happy to say, there is, and it’s yours through automotive shop management software

So how exactly can you improve communication in your shop and with customers? Let’s take a look.

1. Manage Communications With The Customer Portal

Communication with your customers starts with the Customer Portal

Your automotive shop management software doesn’t only focus on your auto repair shop itself — it makes life easier for your customers too. The Customer Portal opens up communication between your auto repair shop and the customer. This confidential, transparent portal keeps your customers up to date and gives them better insights into what’s going on with their vehicle.

Customers will be able to view their digital vehicle inspections and repair history. They will even be able to approve repairs remotely, offering an unmatched level of convenience.  

The customer portal helps you:

  • Foster stronger customer relationships and build loyalty
  • Improve transparency
  • Keep customers updated on repairs
  • Improve the speed of service
  • Easily schedule appointments

All of this leads to happier customers who trust that you’re putting their safety first, rather than trying to make a buck off their lack of car savvy. When customers can see the issues in the portal and make decisions right there, it means more approvals for your auto repair shop, which, of course, adds up to more revenue!

2. Go Paperless

The traditional model for auto repair shops is to do everything on paper. Invoices, inspections, parts ordering — some shops are even still cash only! 

Utilizing auto repair shop management software helps auto repair shops move into the modern age and represents a big shift in how your business uses technology. One of the biggest benefits of implementing shop management software is that it makes your auto repair shop more efficient by eliminating the paper trail. You can Go-Paperless with your invoices, helping you collect payments quickly and easily. 

Relying on a paper system is inefficient, leaves room for unnecessary and costly errors, and slows communication way down. Not to mention, all of those invoices and inspections pile up and take time to file away every day. 

When you have shop management software, you can eliminate the paper clutter and look up records quickly on your system. You’ll be more efficient, make fewer errors, and improve your customer satisfaction

3. Use Text Messaging

While the Customer Portal is your communications hub, you don’t need to rely on it to reach your customers. That’s because you can use text messaging to chat with them quickly and easily. 

Text messaging offers a clear channel of communication between you and your customers. Picking up the phone and calling them is “old school” and inefficient. You can just text them and not have to worry about them missing your call. In fact, customers prefer text messaging and expect it from your business.

Texting saves your team time by eliminating phone calls and helps you get responses and approvals more quickly. It builds trust with your customers and keeps them in the loop on repairs.

Plus, you can also use text messaging within your team or your suppliers. Speaking of which…

4. Live Internal Chat

Smart auto repair shop management software also gives you a live internal chat program that you can use to communicate with your team. You can send instant messages to your service advisors and technicians quickly and easily. 

Ever wonder what happens at the auto repair shop when you’re not around? Message the team and see what they’re up to! You can communicate in real time with anyone logged into your Shop Boss account. No longer do you need to pick up the phone or run around, just send a message through your chat feature.