The Top 5 Software Features Your Auto Repair Shop Needs To Land The Best Service Techs

Today’s top service techs understand the value of technology. They were trained on it, they’ve embraced it, and they expect your auto repair shop to be up-to-date using modern tech in the shop.

Naturally, the best piece of tech your auto repair shop can have is automotive shop management software. This software has numerous components that keep your auto repair shop running smoothly and more efficiently and bring in more business. It’s the best way for your auto repair shop to land the best service techs.

Not to mention, today’s top techs will want your auto repair shop to have the following software running to help manage their day-to-day operations. 

1. Digital Vehicle Inspection

Digital vehicle inspection software takes away a big time-suck for your service techs — manually conducting a vehicle inspection. A DVI also eliminates skepticism for your customers. No longer will they wonder “do I really need this repair?” because you can show them!

With a DVI, your service techs will create high-impact multimedia inspections with photos, videos, and their own comments explaining the need for suggested repairs. You don’t even need to run your notes to the service advisor to call up the customer and walk them through the inspection — your customers can view the DVI right there in their customer portal. It saves time for both your techs and advisors and provides clarity for your customers. Win, win!

2. Digital Payments

Another piece of software that will save loads of time for your service techs is digital invoicing. Let’s be honest — no one enjoys writing up an invoice, handing it off, getting the signature, punching it into the computer, then going through the payment dance at the register upfront. It’s all a thing of the past when you have shop management software.

With a paperless invoicing option, you can capture and attach customer signatures to repair orders, email the order directly to your customers (or text it), and save the digital invoice to a cloud-based database that will automatically back-up throughout the day. Contactless mobile payment software means your customers can handle it all directly from their phones. Forget filing away endless forms or wasting time collecting payment — let your shop management software handle it for you, faster. 

3. Parts Ordering

Quite honestly, your service advisors don’t need to be wasting any more time on the phone. Whether it’s updating customers, collecting payment, or in this case, chasing down parts, the old way of doing things is no longer efficient, and top techs know it.

When you have integrated parts ordering, you’ll stay on top of your inventory and know who has the parts you need thanks to the automated software. No more flipping through catalogs or rolodexes – your techs can simply use your integrated parts ordering software to see exactly how many of each part local suppliers and distributors have in stock. So much time and effort will be saved. 

4. Text Messaging

Do you notice a theme here? Today’s service advisors don’t want to waste time on the phone. And they shouldn’t have to, either.

Your customers prefer text messaging anyway, and auto repair text messaging software allows you to communicate with your customers in real time quickly and easily. You can share updates, estimates, marketing messages, invoices, and more via text. This improves the chances your customers actually see your messages and, once again, streamlines communications between your service advisors and techs to keep techs in the bays working on cars.  

5. Appointment Scheduling

In another time-saving maneuver, automotive appointment scheduling software provides an alternative to phone calls when booking appointments as well. Your customers can simply log into your system to make appointments rather than calling the shop and sending a service advisor flipping through the calendar to find a time slot.

With shop management software and appointment scheduling, your staff and customers will be able to see when appointments are available and easily choose a slot online. This automates your workflow and eliminates another potential time-waster for your service techs.


As you can see, the idea here is to keep your service tech aways from manual tasks like writing notes, and running back and forth to the office to answer questions from service advisors. In-person status reports are no longer required. Your techs should be focused on working on cars. 

The solution? Automotive shop management software.

When your auto repair shop has it, you’ll attract top service techs who know its value and expect it. If you don’t, you’ll look out of date and that top talent may leave you behind in favor of another auto repair shop who does. 

Keep your auto repair shop up to date and a more efficient, attractive place to work for service techs with automotive shop management software. Give it a shot and try a free Shop Boss trial today