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3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations available with Shop Boss Automotive Shop Software

Digital Inspection and Shop Tools

Increase Average Repair Order (ARO) By 25% With AutoServe1 Digital Vehicle Inspections. AutoServe1's Digital Vehicle Inspections provide you the ability to optimize your work orders, increase ROs and create trust and transparency with customers. is a Workflow, Communication and Inspection system. Shop Boss supports a Level 1 integration with which means data from Shop Boss will flow to to add the customer to the workflow or create an inspection. Further integrations to come!

Our software allows you to text and e-mail your customer with photos and videos of your inspections' findings and recommendations. Build trust and rapport while validating your recommendations.

Marketing Partners

Autoshop Solutions is an automotive marketing agency that handles everything from website design and production to paid advertising and social media. Autoshop Solutions’ team of marketing specialists is standing by to help your shop expand and grow with custom marketing services.

Introducing a toolset you can use to build your dream marketing and sales machine. Websites, Review Generation, Local Search, Social Media, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Adwords PPC, and Call Tracking to grow your business.

Payment and Accounting Partners

360 Payments offers excellent service and knowledge of the Auto Repair Shop, and it fully integrates with Shop Boss helping to reduce input errors that charge the customer the wrong amount on their credit card. They have no hidden fees so you know up front exactly how much credit card processing will cost you.

Send your invoices and payments from Shop Boss directly to Quickbooks! Whether you use Quickbooks Online or a desktop version, your Shop Boss info transfers right over.

Integrate your existing processor with Shop Boss! Credit card can be swiped with a USB card reader, payment authorized and automagically posted to the invoice and accounts receivable!

NOTE: We do not support EMV processing with For EMV processing see our preferred partner, 360 Payments

Parts and Labor Integrations

View Carfax Service History for any vehicle you have in the shop. QuickVIN will allow you to lookup vehicle information from the License number and state, rather than entering the VIN.

We pass the VIN, you order the parts, your supplier delivers!

What could be easier?

Our MOTOR Integration allows you to add Labor Times and OEM Parts prices to your estimates with one click. You can also view TSB’s, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), Repair Procedures, Wiring Diagrams, Specifications and so much more.

Estimate jobs with your existing parts suppliers and Mitchell labor times. Once the estimate is approved by the customer, you can order all of your parts with just a mouse click!

With our new Parts Tech Integration you can order parts, view multiple vendors side-by-side, and add the parts and related labor to the repair order. Vendors include WorldPac, Advance, Carquest, Autozone and more!

When rotating tires, does the TPMS need to relearn? With this helpful guide, you will know. Includes Replacement Part Numbers, When to relearn and when not and full relearn proceedures.

Order your parts from Worldpac and transfer them right into your Shop Boss Repair Order.

Relationship and Marketing Automation

The Customer Journey Marketing Framework. Create marketing journeys to acquire, nurture, and grow customers, visually. Show new users how to get started, turn stagnant contacts into repeat buyers, nurture leads, and create successful customers using personalized journeys.

By providing expert service to your customers, you’re already well on your way to building your business legacy. Let Broadly help you with one of the most essential parts of lasting success: providing meaningful customer experiences. We give you the tools to help you easily attract new customers and interact with them on a personal level so you can build lifelong relationships and ensure your business thrives now and into the future. To learn more call us today at 510-949-8606.

A marketing automation solution that manages your clients and patients. This marketing platform is tailored for small businesses, private practices, and independent shops.

SI identifies all maintenance needs “continuously” and notifies the service advisor, technician and vehicle owner “automatically” via desktop, tablet & mobile alerts, texting, emails and postcards.

With a rich history in information technology, Kukui provides businesses a custom marketing platform that integrates with each organization’s Point of Sale (POS) system. This empowers each of Kukui’s clients with quantitative data showing their return on investment, the number of new clients based on their POS system, statistics revealing their customer retention rate, and areas to improve their business through the tracking of phone calls, appointment forms, and feedback from customer reviews.

MechanicNet specializes in the Automotive Service Segment and has broad experience in understanding consumer behavior as it relates to automotive service. Our products and services are designed to help the business retain, re-capture, and grow their customer base.

MyShopManager takes all the guess work out of the marketing for your shop. Our algorithm analyzes your business to determine specifically what your shop needs to grow. Then we do all the hard work. We create and automate a marketing plan for your shop that brings in profitable customers every single day.

Customers are making decisions about your business before you’ve even met. Podium helps over 100,000 users take control of customer interactions by powering more online reviews, multi-location local listing management, online review reporting, messaging, customer sentiment & more. Put Podium to work for you by calling 1-833-276-3486 today.

Full circle referral management software that tracks online and offline sales, edit reward triggers and eligibility rules, upload your logo and customize the look and feel.

Referral tracking through every stage: Run multiple refer a friend campaigns, setup notifications and statistics tracking and personalize the referral experience by reward with coupons, gift cards, or Paypal.